About us

Lingvopolis LLC

Lingvopolis is a team of professional translators and interpreters offering high skills and vast working experiences.

We are focused on urgent translation from English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian as well as into foreign languages of both constitutional documents, contracts, business correspondence, financial and economic, legal, project, tender, accounting documentation, audit opinions and arbitral awards, judicial and other business papers as well as technical documentation concerning construction, oil and gas, chemical, medical, and other industries. Indeed, every person of our team offers individually his or her own dedication; however, altogether we comprise a universal team. Also, our team offers interpreters from other languages – you may order translation from any “live” official language; we have just listed the most required ones at present.

After many years of work for both major projects as well as major translation companies, every person of our team has understood at some stage that the “conveyor belt” is missing the most important thing – it is impossible in a mass production environment to consider your personal requirements and preferences, starting from the terminology established by your company and ending with the dates that are comfortable for you. An approach to the work appears to be impersonal, and the outcome will not meet your dates, goals and objectives of the translation to be used.

We are not administrators hiring the interpreters; we are interpreters, who are capable of both translating and managing the process flow. Our successful operations since 2008 have been another evidence.

Customized Approach

towards every customer to meet your personal requirements for the date and quality of translation, text layout, and other conditions as fully as possible through selection of the most effective operation scheme just for your order, while the quality is invariably high.

Exceptional Confidentiality

when accepting and performing an order. You will discuss personally an order with a professional and obtain immediately a detailed and skilled opinion on every aspect of the order. “Strange eyes” will not see your text.

Customized Price

of every order. We offer a reasonable combination of price and promptness towards performance of the order with invariably high quality. When calculating the cost, we consider the structure just of your text and offer different options, of which you may always select your favorite choice or agree upon your own option with us.